Samples of editable verbiage

Over 45 pages of interactive verbiage await you within SFR Cliff Notes which will keep you from boiler plate language while completing assignment specific narrative writing with lightening speed.  Purchase SFR Cliff Notes at the TOTAL Store at their Integrated Products page.

Below are just a few examples of text you can edit within SFR Cliff Notes:

         UAD                                REO                                 SUBJECT'S                       1004MC
   DRIVEWAY                                &                                     SOLAR                           SOLD            COMPARABLE
 CONSTRAINTS                    SHORT SALE USE                        ASSIST                          COUNT

It should be noted that subject's driveway does accommodate off street parking. Its capacity is three cars. The UAD format currently bans and blocks accurate reporting of driveway count if no garage is present. Therefore, the driveway count is reported as "0" on the 1004 form, though is acknowledged by this appraiser as being incorrect due to UAD constraints with the accurate and correct driveway count being narratively reported as three cars.

Reo & Short Sales are utilized only when such sales are deemed to be the overall most representative of the subject's market and best indicators of value available. This analysis includes that they are 1) in the subject’s neighborhood/market or in reasonable proximity, 2) subject to reasonable adjustments, 3) sold and/or publicly offered with a willing buyer and seller, 4) exposed to the market for a reasonable period of time.

No sales, listing, or pending activity were discovered within the past one year period of homes with a similar solar assist amenity as the subject's. Solar assist is an emerging trend in the market with homes throughout the subject's market being observed as having solar assist systems similar to subject's.  However, at this time the market does not react to this type of amenity, either positively or negatively, and no market derived adjustment can be ascertained.  Therefore, an energy efficient adjustment for subject's solar assist system is not warranted within the market approach.​

It should be noted that the 1004MC reflects sales with closing dates more recent than some of the comps utilized; however these sales are not considered to be superior indicators of value to those utilized as the market is non homogeneous. The comps utilized are considered to be the best indicators of value from a pool of available sales.